Guidelines for Sharing is Caring Christmas Club Meetings


  1. Have sign-in sheets completed                                                                                         
  2. Give each participant a certificate of completion – they can fillin their own name. Please sign the certificate in BLUE ink to attempt to prevent duplication.
  3. AFTER ALL YOUR MEETINGS HAVE BEEN HELD: Get all sign-in sheets to Nicole Errickson. You can mail, fax, or drop them by Roan Elementary School

ATTN: Nicole Errickson                                                                                               Address: 1116 Roan Street, Dalton, GA 30721                                                             Phone: 706 876 4379                                                                                                          Fax: 706 876 4390 or 706 278 0979

Please remember that we are trying to use these club meetings to empower parents to take on their own responsibilities and have pride in what they are able to do for their families, including providing Christmas. Try to emphasize this in every meeting.

Also, please remind families that for application week, it is not importnat to be the first one to complete the application – it has no effect on when you get to shop at the Christmas Store. Refer to the certificates for more information and point out the chart assigning them times to come by the head  of household’s last name.

Just for your info:

  1. This is only for Whitfield County Residents
  2. Please feel free to bring signs to post to guide families to the correct location in the building where you are holding the meeting
  3. You may want to have copies of the available club meetings with you to give to families who ask about other meetings
  4. All documents (except certificates) are also available on the website

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